is the latest large-scale (2 meters tall) glass sculpture by Joseph Harrington and was completed in September 2011. It was commissioned by UK and European Investments in February 2011 as part of the No.1 Kingsway development in Westminster, and project managed by Ginkgo Projects, The artwork is located in the lobby of the building, and visible from the street through a window in the building’s elegant 1920s façade, which was retained as part of the development.

Images by Stephen Brayne
The work itself represents landscapes and the structures within them, providing a vista or gateway not often prevalent within the city landscape. The work was inspired by the use of temporary supports and buttresses during the building renovation. Joseph’s sculpture highlights this transience and encapsulates this sense of transformation using a unique method known as the lost ice process. This is a perilous and unpredictable process which involves sculpting blocks of ice using salt erosion. A mould is taken, recording the form in transition, before it is cast into glass and polished by the artist. The finished sculpture captures the natural effects of erosion in permanent solid glass form.

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